What You Need To Know



You may call the office directly to make an appointment. Our team will make every effort to meet your needs. We will review your insurance, which plans we accept, and associated costs including copayments and coinsurance. All patients need to complete our medical questionnaire and bring any health records and copies of test results, or imaging to your appointment. Our doctors will review and our scheduling office will talk to you to schedule the appointment. We will review your insurance needs, associated costs including copayments and coinsurance. We will request you complete our questionnaire and bring any health records and copies of test results, or imaging to your appointment.



After your appointment, your Doctor will determine a treatment plan. Our staff will review with you necessary information. In addition to the appointment notes, you may receive a medication and test order summary.

We will provide you with written information on how to prepare for your procedure including the steps you need to take before and after the procedure. At that time we can also provide additional reading about a variety of conditions related to your circumstances.


WHAT If I Am Having A Procedure? 

Whether you’re going for your first exam or are a veteran of the process, we will make sure that you are comfortable. We will review your specific needs, and answer all of your questions. 

If you need a procedure, our friendly staff will:

  • Schedule the procedure

  • Give you what you need to know about the procedure

  • Review any dietary restrictions or special diet needs

  • Provide a review of medication and any possible adjustments

  • Help you understand what to expect after the exam

  • Plan for your recovery and aftercare needs

You will be given a list of everything you need to know to prepare for any tests or procedures your doctor has ordered. We include instructions for how to prepare, and an overview of what happens during and after the exams.



At Lakeshore Gastroenterology and Liver Disease Institute, we work with our patients and their medical financial needs.

Taking healthcare costs into consideration, we work with a variety of insurance carriers where we will bill them directly. For patients preferring to pay out-of-pocket, self pay rates are also available.

Contact our office with any questions or concerns.



Fill out these forms PRIOR to your first appointment or as instructed by the office staff.

For your convenience, we have supplied the following patient forms as both DOC (Microsoft Word) and PDF format. You can click to download either version, and complete the forms on your computer (use the DOC version) or print them out (use the PDF version) and complete them by hand. Signature if required on all the forms.

To fill out the forms on your computer, click below on the DOC version to download. If you prefer to print out the forms and complete them by hand in pen, click below to download the PDF version.

Be sure to COMPLETE and SIGN all three (3) forms, so we can expedite your visit.

  • Patient Registration: DOC PDF

  • Patient Health History: DOC PDF

  • HIPAA Form: PDF only



Your doctor has ordered a procedure for you. Each procedure requires you to follow the prescribed preparation instructions to help ensure an accurate test. Click on the link to download the instruction.






If you are unsure as to which prep instructions your provider has asked you to follow, please call us at (847) 290-3800 to verify.